Friday, 22 February 2008

Harvest Basket 08

After 9 long, hot, dry weeks it's finally raining up here!

After the long, dry summer
I didn't think I'd have much of an entry
in the "Harvest Basket" competition
at Garden Club this year
but when I went out to scrounge in the garden I managed the entry in above...
This was last years.

A lot of room was taken up with a pumpkin
grown on the wicking bed
but I found Silverbeet, NZ Spinach, Basil, Bronze Fennel,
Chives, Parsely, Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumber, Zucchini,
Capsicum and Chillis, Eggplants, Red Onions,
Grapes, 2 kinds of Plums, 2 kinds of Apples,
2 kinds of Almonds
and of course some eggs from the girls.

...I won first place again. smile


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