Sunday, 3 February 2008

Garden Log: 3 Feb 08

It's still hot, not to the extreme but quite humid.
Clouds build up in the afternoons,

maybe even a very few drops of rain
but still nothing in the gauge.

I'm glad I've experimented with the Wicking beds or there'd be nothing left in the garden at all. See this post.

The non-wicking Bed 4 is going well though and since replacing the dark Green 70% shadecloth with White 50% I'm noticing a lot more insect (the good guys) activity around. The dark colour of the green must have been keeping them away.

San Marzano Tomatoes and Lebanese Mini Cucumbers

No seed planting this week but I took some cuttings of Pink Correa, Convolvulus cneorum and the White Pigface. These plants are coping well with the heat so I intend to plant more of them.

On Tuesday I raked up and filled a couple of barrow loads with some mulch form the old chook run. The Acaicia saligna that's planted in there as chook forage makes a thick layer of mulch from their leaves. As the Acacias are leguminous these leaves make a handy mulch.

The mulch was used on the Herb Spiral and Strawberry patch and if Mrs Houdini Chook leaves it in place long enough it will make an effective mulch layer.

Busy days this week...back to work...
and busy with a newsletter for the Aussies Living Simply forum...
...I hope to get back to some normality next week...

As I've completely neglected My Photo A Day Blog this week, I'll just do a quick photo update for this week's garden log!

The chooks feel the heat on these summer days
but their run has lots of shade...

...especially from the mulberry tree
with the added bonus of fruit for the picking!

The tiny seedlings of Shiso and Motherwort
are growing slowly in the shadehouse.

The Black Sultana Grapes are safe behind their curtain
and certainly are yummy!


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