Sunday, 24 February 2008

Garden Log: 24 Feb 08

A promise is a cloud;
fulfillment is rain.
~Arabian Proverb~

After 9 long, hot, dry weeks it finally rained on Friday!
It was great to hear water trickling
into my empty water tank again!
After soaring temperatures during the week
the rain heralded a cool change.
Friday's max of 17.5C was a pleasant change
from Tuesday's top of 39C.
Total rainfall was 1.6mm..better than nothing wink

After the long, dry summer I didn't think I'd have much of an entry in the "Harvest Basket" competition at Garden Club this year but when I went out to scrounge in the garden I managed the entry in the photo above...

A quick photo update...

Lucerne ready for planting...
...some has been planted on Bed 8.

Celpar (parcel) sprouting new leaves
with silverbeet seedlings at rear of tray.

One of the Yellow Tommy Toe Tomato seedlings
destined for the hothouse over winter.

Red Sisho's beautiful colours

Wicking boxes take off
with just a bit of a top up after a hot week

Oh and for Kate...

...already there are signs of new life
around the clay pots in the tank beds!!!


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