Friday, 25 January 2008

Info Blogs

I'm re-organising my blog roll list yet again. I'm trying to separate the blogs that are primarily a source of information. There are some good ones out there in blogland.
The other's are great to visit just to read what people are up to in their gardens but if I really need some thought provoking ideas these are the ones I visit.

Hills and Plains Seedsavers - a group of active gardeners (I've joined the blog from a distance) from the Adelaide area who have lots of helpful information and often post links to other great sites.

Nirvana Organic Farm - This is a Bio-Dynamic Education Centre...lots to read here about Bio-Dynamics.
Also includes a link to Deb's Garden, Kitchen and Veranda

Top Veg- is a serious English vegetable site...they have started producing 'How to Cards' which are interesting.

Another English blog with lots happening is Fluffius Muppetus where Emma Cooper always has interesting things happening.

Check out this link to her Alternative Kitchen Garden Podcast page ...not always on topic for us down under dwellers (coz their seasons are back to front) but the podcasts from last season are still available so you could find something of interest to listen while you're out in the garden.

The Sietch Blog
I wrote about this great source of information here on this link:

Kate at Hills and Plains Seedsavers did a great write up of Mas du Diable when I sent her the link. Thanks Kate! biggrin
I'll let you read Kate's post here.

And now some blogs I've had on my list for some time...

The first Cosmic Gardener from Tasmania always has some very useful hints for Moon Planting and Vegetable growing.
She has to be a nice person...she belongs to a Beagle. wink

This blog is from New Zealand called oUr bAcKyArD by the Urban Permies who say:
"We're Urban Permies wannabes with the desire to grow as much of our food as possible in our urban backyard utilizing permaculture principles."

Of course I will include The Frugal World of Doc on this list too. razzlolrazz


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