Sunday, 6 January 2008

Heatwave Lifesavers

Jelly-Fruit Cups
During this heatwave that seems to have no end in sight yet
something that keeps us going are these yummy Jellycups.
I used to make them for the kids,
as they grew they kept asking for them
and now Doc and I love them.
They are so refreshing on a hot day.

Put a couple of spoonfuls of fruit into small plastic cups.
(yes the ones in the photo are from McD's sundaes
- 15 years old! How's that for disposable!)
Top up with Jellies from a packet
...I use 2 packets for 9 cups.
and let them set in the fridge

When the kids were very young I made the jelly
with fruit juice and agar agar powder.
But as they grew up they preferred the packet jellies!
You can use fresh fruit...strawberries, apricots, pineapple etc
Home bottled fruit...
Or you just take a large tin of fruit salad or two fruits;
Peaches and Pears that are chopped and canned in juice.
Drain the juice off.
Fight over who gets to drink this!

They can be topped with cold home made cold custard, yoghurt
or even better some home made Honey Ice Cream!


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