Sunday, 6 January 2008

Garden Log: 6 Jan 08

The heatwave has continued this week with no sign of rain at all.
Much time has been spent giving the plants water
with buckets and watering cans.

Watering the wicking beds by hand
coz we're not allowed to use the hose
and my water tank is running low.

On the subject of the wicking beds I am presently studying the DVD's I've received from Colin Austin See Here (Thank you Colin!)
I'm learning so much more about these fantastic garden beds and after I ask Colin a few more questions I'll be able to write up an update and indeed update my beds...I haven't forgotten for those who asked for an up-date!

Last week's planting of Carrots in Bed 3 has spent most of the time covered with old curtains to keep the soil moist. As they emerged during the week I have had to remove the curtain but placed it on the side to cut down on the strong sun hitting the ground.
You will be able to see in this photo they are growing in a furrow and you may also notice the salt at the tops of these furrows...this is what happens in high evaporation areas like here. The carrots will be OK at the bottom of the furrow as the salt moves to the top.
See this Fact Sheet from ABC's Gardening Australia for more info on salinity.

On Monday I read Cosmic Gardener's tip about potash here so I dosed up my garden and it did make a big difference. Thank you Cosmic!

Oca in the Dog Pen Beds
The Oca plants are growing strongly in their pots but I might move them into the shade house in the Dog Pen. I think it will be cooler in there for them at least during this intense heat we are experiencing.

The Greek Oregano (left photo) I dug up and divided is doing well
in the shade house,
as are the seedlings that have been moved from the very HOT hot house!

Hidden under the leaves I found this little Eggplant
and in another Tank Bed this Goldfinger Zucchini
was also hiding in the cool shade.

Growth in the hot herb spiral situated by the North wall of the house
has been fantastic even this self sown NZ Spinach
is doing well in the searing heat.

On these hot days the chooks get soaked grains (pre-soaked for 24hrs), not sprouted because I'm feeding them wheat screenings at the moment with sunflower seeds mixed in.
The worm farms have wet towels draped over them to help cool the air-flowing over them.
The Lucky-dog and Ninja-cat get a quick rinse every now and then and ice in their water buckets.

Not everything is doing well though and next week with some cooler days predicted I have some rescue work to do...
...more about that in the next garden log!


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