Sunday, 27 January 2008

Garden Log: 27 Jan 08

With no significant rain
(not enough to show a reading in the gauge)
falling in the last five weeks...
...the garden is drying out in the summer heat
...the water tank is empty.

My attention is focused on growing seedlings for Autumn
and harvesting from the fruit garden.

Spurred on by joining the Hills and Plains Seedsaver's blog I've been collecting seeds this week:

This weeks plantings included more brassicas for Autumn Planting:
  • Broccoli Green Goliath
  • Mini Cauliflowers
  • Red Drumhead Cabbage
  • January King Cabbage
  • Senposai
  • Corn Salad
  • Red and Green Shiso
  • Royal Mammoth Leeks
  • Native Lemongrass
  • Angelica
  • Poppies
  • Catmint *
  • Celpar *
  • Perpetual Spinach *
*These last 3 to test viability of home saved seed.
Sunday morning saw a top up sowing of Tip Top Carrots on Bed 4 along with a row of Parsnips.

Monday we were out adding to the potting area shade. We still have some sorting out to do in this area but at least we can work under the shade now.

Wednesday's Full Moon meant garlic and crushed pumpkin seed in the chooks mash as a worm deterrent.
Having cleaned out and re-lined their nest boxes I haven't had to search under bushes for eggs this week!

Out in the garden the Eggplants are going strong
and those Purple Capsicums really are purple.


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