Sunday, 20 January 2008

Garden Log: 20 Jan 08

This week the weather has been in a word, MILD.
It was a chance to get out in the garden
and do something except water.

Monday and Tuesday we spent clearing the potting area and building a new shade tunnel over it. Since I've replaced the 70% shadecloth on the garden beds with 50% I had a few lengths already hemmed up and didn't need to buy any more shade cloth!

I needed more shade for pottering around with the pots and since the pussy willow tree fell down didn't really have anywhere.
When it was done well...the area next to it could use some shade and there was room for some more on the other side...we could see a few more of these structures yet! wink

Planting this week has included potting on of the brassicas:
5 Red Cabbage
9 January King Cabbage
9+ Green Goliath Broccoli
6 Mini White Cauliflower
12+Seven Hills Brussels Sprouts
12+ Morton's Mixed Kale

Also some:
10+ Borage
Corn Salad
Red Shiso (more will be planted)
These last 3 are tiny but I'll see how they go.

More seeds of the brassicas will be planted soon just to make sure I haven't got my timing all 'up the creek' with this strange weather we've been having.

I also planted out some San Marzano Tomato seedlings that I was struggling to keep watered in the shady/hot house.

The potted up Comfrey in the shade house are starting to show signs of growth and the Rhubarb is enjoying life under the mini shade tunnel. See here

Only 2 rows of new carrots out of the 4 planted on bed 4 have survived the heat but these will be re-planted next week.

We had a very interesting guest speak on Permaculture at our Garden Club meeting who also brought many seeds along as she is our Local Seed Saver's Network coordinator. I now have some new local seeds to try out. A couple of us are intending to join the their group.

On Friday the radio was issuing severe thunderstorm warnings for our region and the Adelaide suburbs with flash flood warnings. Yes!

We had a quick tidy up and put the buckets out to collect every drop.

Then we sat and waited as the sky grew dark...
...the birds grew silent...
...the thunder rumbled...
....the rain started...

eekloleek minute later it stopped!


The birds came back to the bird bath...
...the clouds disappeared
and the sun came out.

Argh! evil

So much for flash floods!
Didn't even register 1 mm in the rain-gauge!


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