Thursday, 3 January 2008

Dec 07 Notes

Ninja likes to hide in the shade house on these hot days!

The last month of 2007 started of well, weather-wise. A few hot days followed by thundery cool changes which sometimes produced rain. This was a weekly occurrence and very welcome from a garden view point.

That was until Christmas when the temperature started to rise and we saw out the year in a heatwave...still it is Summer and that's what happens.

Salad boxes are planted up
and have
re-chargeable solid water bags in them.

Most of my plantings have been posted in Garden Logs:
Lot's of seeds have been sown

Weather Details:
Lowest Minimum Temp was 4.5°C. The mean minimum was 13°C
Highest Maximum Temp was 40.1°C. The mean maximum was 29.5°C
Rainfall total was 26mm for the month with our average for December being 22.7mm.

2007 yearly rainfall total was 338mm our average is 332.4mm. We just exceeded our average but compare the monthly totals with what our averages are:

As you can see by this we haven't had a consistent season all year. It was dry in winter Jun - Aug when it was supposed to be wet and very wet in summer (Jan) when it was supposed to be dry????

The wicking-worm beds are thriving despite the heat!

230 Eggs from The Ginger Girls
I haven't counted the ones from The Old Girls any that I've found I've given to Lucky Dog:
Blackie has been broody
Mrs Houdini keeps escaping
Old Speckles says it's just too hot for an old girl
and I think Old Mamma has forgotten what eggs are!!


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