Thursday, 13 December 2007

Minute Moments Pottering

Nothing is particularly hard
if you divide it into small jobs.
- Henry Ford

Strawberry Bed Tidy

Last weekend the cool change made working out in the garden quite pleasant. I had about 30 minutes spare.
Something I'd been putting off was tidying the Strawberry Bed. The recent heat had knocked them around and the Feverfew seemed to be taking over a bit.
So off with the bird netting and I started trimming.
As the Feverfew is grown for it's insecticidal properties I mulched (by chopping them roughly) the trimmings around the strawberries.The strawberries themselves had dry leaves and fruit remains so these got a good chop too with this debris being removed from the bed.

This will encourage new, healthy growth.Later in the cool of the evening I gave them a liquid feed of Seaweed extract and Fish emulsion to boost them along.
A quick top up of mulch and they will be ready for new growth and hopefully another crop of yummy strawberries.

I'll leave the netting off for a while to allow the chooks and birds to scratch around on the ground and get some bugs.
Also I'll be able to spot any lurking snails that have been hanging around with this showery weather.


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