Saturday, 1 December 2007

'Map' Out Your Future ....

....but do it in pencil.

~Jon Bon Jovi~

Em from The Dance of Small Things left a comment this morning that her 5 year old loved looking at my maps but wanted to know where my house was.

So I decided to renew my rough map...linking back to this post from way back last year (my 4th post!!) was an option but it was still difficult to decipher.

As I have separate maps of the Main Vegetable Garden and Dog Pen Gardens I'll put these up separately so more details can be added

Dog Pen Gardens
The Garden Bed area including the Mixed Herb Bed and Wicking-water Beds are shaded by an old Almond tree, Tagasaste trees and a rather large Gum tree.
The Tank Beds have a Poly Pipe shade structure over them

The Main Vegetable Garden
All but Bed 6 now have shade cloth cover/structures over them for this year's summer season. What is growing in the beds is described in these posts and the Fruit trees are listed here.

Just a note that the propagation area on the old map is about to get a re-vamp these holidays.

Thank you Son of Em for making me sit down and re-do that rough old map which I had hand drawn over a year ago.
It was about time I drew up a proper map.
I hope you can work out just where my house is now! biggrin

Updated 18 Nov 2008:
New Main Veg Garden Design
Kitchen Garden
Updated Map of our Block Dec 09
2010 Autumn/Winter Planting Plan


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