Thursday, 27 December 2007

Garden Log: 23 Dec 07

On Friday the lightning started at sunrise it was raining...not as heavy as some other areas in the state but a very welcome 14mm.
Friday night a cool change came in and it continued to be drizzly and windy on Saturday, almost wintry.
On Saturday (22 Dec 07) our Summer Solstice occurred so we have passed our longest day and the daylight hours will now become shorter. The next couple of months are our hottest.

Monday was green leafy crop planting so the following from Phoenix seeds were planted:
Brussels Sprouts - Seven Hills
Kale - Morton's Mix
Senposai - a Japanese hybrid of cabbage and mustard spinach
Cabbage - January King
Cabbage - Red Drumhead
Corn Salad - Valerianella locusta
Shiso - Perilla frutescens - Red and Green the seeds of which were put into the fridge for a few days before planting.

On the fruit planting days I planted these seeds for trees to add to the chicken forage areas.
American Elderberry - Sambucus canadenis
Siberian Pea Tree - Caragana arborescens
The seeds of both these plants needed to be pre-soaked overnight in lukewarm water to break their dormant tendencies.

Also planted, from Diggers, some:
Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumbers
Yellow Tommy Toe Tomatoes

I've also sown some Alyssum seeds:
White annual - Carpet of Snow
Yellow perennial - Evergolden
These went into cell trays as I need to plant more flowers to encourage insects as they seem reluctant to fly into the 'darkness' under the shade structures.

I've found a supplier of white 50% shade cloth and this will very soon be sewn up to replace the 70% cloth on most of the beds. The 70% cloth will be re-used in the new Shade House we are building these holidays.

On Friday I removed half the tomato plants in Bed 10 as they had Tomato Russet Mite.


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