Sunday, 16 December 2007

Garden Log 16 Dec 07

This week the weather has been 'mild' with only one day above 30C. We had a minimum of 5.8C on Monday but by Friday the min was 20C and max 34C but that's just summer here!
It even rained on Saturday morning but only very lightly.

Many of last week's seeds have germinated
and are growing incredibly fast.

I've planted seeds for continuation plantings of Black Zucchini, Yellow Egg Tomato, Lemon Cucumbers and Delicata Squash. Some of these have already germinated too.

On Monday, into the garden Bed by the back gate, I planted a well grown San Marzano Tomato and a self fertile, smooth skinned Kiwi Fruit, Issai (Actinidia arguta 'Issai') on the trellis.

Into Bed 4 went more Lebanese Mini Cucumbers and some San Marzano Tomatoes from their second sowing.

My latest seed order from Phoenix seeds arrived during the week so on Saturday I planted a few:
  • Broccoli - Green Goliath
  • Cauliflower - Mini (free seed from Diggers)
  • Motherwort - Leonuris cardiaca
The brassicas were planted as a trial early planting this year, others will go in this week. It's 2 weeks earlier than I started planting autumn greens last year and I will also be planting more in a months time which will be 2 weeks later than last year.

This year seems quite 'advanced' as far as growth goes with early fruiting tomatoes, zucchini and greens and herbs running to seed quickly.
Even the fruit ripening on the trees has been 2-3 weeks earlier.
I'm not sure what this means but will 'cover my bases' and plant early and late crops for autumn and winter next year.

Inside I've been preserving more Apricots from the second tree; another bag of dried and 10 'bottles' are in the pantry, along with some stewed for the freezer. These join those harvested from the first tree which are already away in the pantry/freezer and not forgetting Doc's Apricot Wine that's gurgling quietly away in the lounge room.

Around the garden:

Bed 3 Lemon Cucumbers and Silverbeet

Doc's Gourds are thriving in their wicking water bed.

And so far the Basil and Greens boxes
haven't needed extra watering
although they have had a couple of light showers of rain.
( BTW the empty box here is for Ninja
so she doesn't need to sleep on the greens!)


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