Thursday, 20 December 2007


AKA Leaf Celery
Apium graveolens var. Secalinum

I like to think of this plant as tasting like celery but growing like parsley!
It's actually a form of wild celery with a parsley like growth habit. Today's celery was developed from these wild forms.
Gives the flavour of celery to salads and cooking at the same time as garnishing.

It's said to have similar health properties to celery; diuretic and anti-inflammatory.
It is sold through the Herb Herbert range as a plant (Parcel). Download a fact sheet on it here.

I have found that seeds kept from these plants grow well if picked when fully ripe and stored carefully.

It enjoys moist rich soil but I have found it does well in a large pot or tub much the same as parsley and survives on much less water than celery does.


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