Thursday, 1 November 2007

October 07 Journal Notes

" The Value of Keeping Records"

A little trouble taken to keep notes of garden operations, the season, rainfall, time of sowing, planting, blooming, ripening will return in the course of a few years an amount of information which will prove invaluable, therefore we suggest that every beginner make a few notes from month to month; this will enable him rapidly to improve his methods and become an expert gardener."
-Yates Garden Guide 1933

In keeping with this advice I post a summary each month from my Garden Journal. That is the word processor version of my scribbled notes I write by hand into a notebook.

Tuesday 2nd Min 5.2°C Max 31.5°C
9 Eggs
Watered everything. Filled tubs and containers (waterers) and set taps on very slow to drip while we were away.

Potted seedlings were moved from the hot houses to the back pegola to be watered. They were put on a plastic tarp that had been placed over tyres to create a 'pool' effect. Any run-off water from these pots will remain on the plastic to be absorbed by the plants.

Meaning these potted seedlings only needed one supplementary watering during our week away. See here

Wednesday 3rd - Tuesday 9th

Travelled to Far North Queensland to celebrate our daughter's wedding.

Thursday 11th Min 11.9°C Max 20°C
1mm Rain
5 Eggs
Dug out half of Bed 10 for new wicker-water bed.
Purchased 20m roll of drainage pipe and some plastic sheeting.
Also purchased 1 punnet mixed sweet Capsicums and 1 punnet of Jalapeno Chillis, individual potted seedlings of 1 Purple Capsicum and 1 Habanero Chilli.
Potted all these plants up when home.

Saturday 13th Min 0.5°C Max 17°C
5 Eggs
Garden Club Plant Stall at Hospital Fete. Lots of others brought along plants to sell for the club. All my Black Russian Tomatoes and Basil seedlings sold in the first hour.

Thursday 18th Min 7.1°C Max 31°C
8 Eggs
Planted seeds of
Five Colour Silverbeet
Salad Mixed Lettuce
Gold Rush Lettuce
in punnets placed in the Shade house.

Friday 19th Min 9°C Max 25°C
8 Eggs
Put shade cloth back over frames on Beds 7&8, 5 and the Strawberry Bed. Temperatures on the rise over the weekend.

Saturday 20th Min 9°C Max 34°C
8 Eggs
Built new shade structure over Bed 10. This includes wooden rails for attaching strings to for the Tomatoes to climb on as the wicker bed base of plastic means no stakes can be hammered into the soil.

Monday 22nd Min 18.2°C Max 25°C
6 Eggs
Planting out Day
A cool change was predicted for today with the chance of thunder storms. Good cloud cover, good planting weather!
Into Dog Pen Wicking-water Bed:
6 Black Zucchini
5 Golden Midget Watermelons
3 Mini Lebanese Cucumbers on trellis
4 Bean Gourds on back fence
9 Silverbeet
Dwarf Sweetcorn Seeds
Nasturtium Companion Plants

In Main Veg Garden:
8 Hales Rockmelons on Bed1
5 Moon and Stars Watermelons to Bed6
Blue Lake Climbing Beans to trellis at rear of Bed10
Nasturtium Seeds

Prepared Bed 10 for Tomato Planting
Wood attached to polypipe arches
Wood on ground
Strings attached between wood to support tall Black Russian Tomatoes
Mesh attached to West end of structure to grow Squash up for shade and wind protection.

Tuesday 23rd Min 13.7°C Max 20.7°C
11mm Rain
8 Eggs
Planted in Bed 10
12 Black Russian Tomatoes
6 Pacesetter Tomatoes
2 Delicata Squashes on side trellis
Companion plants of Sweet and Purple Basil, Nasturtiums, Marigolds and Parsley.
5 Lemon Cucumbers to Bed 3
Nasturtium seed for companions

Wednesday 24th Min 8.1°C Max 19.7°C
3mm Rain
9 Eggs
Chopped down broad beans on Bed6 and planted 8 Mixed Sweet Capsicums.
Attached plastic trellis to front of Bed10 to tie the Pacesetter Tomatoes to as strong winds are forecast.

Tuesday 30th Min 4°C Max 20.5°C
9 Eggs
Planted out the Habanero Chilli, the over-wintered Eggplant, 2 Jalapeno Chilli and 4 Ida Gold Tomatoes into the Tank Beds in the Dog pen.
Took cuttings of Cedronella, Golden Sage and Pink Evening Primrose.
Trimmed off all the frosted and/or dead parts of plants in the Herb Spiral and weeded and tidied it.
Trimmed the Saltbush hedge in the front garden.
Trimmed a Grevillea and discovered a volunteer Quandong tree growing through the middle of it. This was kept!
Noticed that the 'dying' Correas are re-sprouting back to life.

Wednesday 31st Min 11.9°C Max 21°C
0.5mm Rain
8 Eggs
With the help of the Egg Collective girls we weeded part of the Edge bed in the Main Veg Garden. This area was heavily infested with a grassy weed. It's all clear now of this weed, snails, earwigs and just about anything else that moved.
Took cuttings of Southernwood for planting around the fruit trees later.

A summary of Egg totals and Weather details:

198 Eggs from the new girls, approx (??) 20 from the old girls who were hiding their eggs in the bushes when we went away. The girl that looked after the girls kept all the eggs when we went away so these were not counted.

Lowest Minimum Temp was -2.1°C The mean minimum was 7.2°C
Highest Maximum Temp was 35.5°C The mean maximum was 24.3°C

Very windy conditions prevailed for most of the month with 10 days where wind speeds of over 28km per hour were recorded with many readings peaking at 37km per hour.

Rainfall total was 15.5 mm for the month with the average for October being 29.6 mm.


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