Thursday, 22 November 2007

Minute Moments Pottering

Nothing is particularly hard
if you divide it into small jobs.

- Henry Ford

I often hear people complaining that because they work they don't have time to garden.
I work, albeit part-time but it's still time out of my gardening day.

Time spent on the design of your food garden will help cut down on the time needed to maintain it.
In the Food Gardening for Beginners series we looked at design and creating smaller areas close to the kitchen for convenience.

OK I know this planning and building takes time (you get annual leave don't you?) but once they are in place just a few minutes each day can keep your food garden looking good and feeding you for a longer time.

I'll be posting Minute Moments Pottering to give you some idea of just what you can achieve by spending those few minutes you have spare in the garden. In Australia many of us at present are enjoying the benefits of day-light saving. This gives us more time in the cool of the evening to get out and 'potter'. Forget the TV the garden is where your food is!

This pottering includes watering, weeding, feeding, tidying, pruning and of course harvesting. Also pin-pointing jobs for the weekend so remember to take that little note-book with you or you'll forget!

So here's my first MMP hint:

Pinch out the flower buds on Basil plants before they develop into flowers. This will encourage more leaf growth. If you have a pot or box of Basil just by the back door this takes minutes and can be done while you give them a quick drink.

While you are there why not pick some of those tasty leaves for tonight's salad or make up some pesto and freeze the leftovers.

Because you've harvested some make a note to give the plants an extra treat on the weekend with some liquid 'plant tea' or top up the pot with some worm castings.


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