Saturday, 3 November 2007

The Main Vegetable Garden

Remember this from here?

This is a re-vamp of the Main Vegetable Garden layout.
A few things have changed this year.

Bed 9 is now the little, plastic Hothouse, so I can't really call it Bed 9 now I suppose.
The Strawberry Tyre bed has been replaced by a wooden bed frame Strawberry Patch.
The area between trees 4 & 5 no longer houses a chook, it will be transformed soon to include a birdbath with Companion Plantings for the Apple and Pear trees planted there.
The Pussy Willow Bed had to be re-named the Shade House Bed when the Pussy Willow tree blew down in a storm early this year.

The Fruit Trees are still there:
Fruit Trees:
1 Bartlett Pear
2 Narrabeen Plum
3 Red Fuji Apple
4 William Pear
5 Cox’s Orange Pippin Apple
6 Stella Cherry
7 Figs Cuttings from Garden Club Members Trees
8 Anzac Peach
9 Golden Delicious Apple
10 Santa Rosa Plum
11 Goldmine Nectarine
12 Jonathon Apple
13 Moorpark Apricot
14 Nashi Pear
15 Mariposa Plum
16 Trevatt Apricot
17 Meyer Lemon

Perennial Beds:
Rhubarb, Asparagus (green and purple), Comfrey, Sunflowers and French Sorrel

Perennial Edge Beds:
These have suffered from lack of water over winter and also frosts but will soon be re-planted with new extras.
Daisies, Evening Primrose, Lucerne, Catnip, Hollyhocks, Westringia, Rosemary, Sage, Lambs Ears, Elderberry and Variegated Elderberry, Mirabilis, Oregano, Golden Marjoram, Roman Wormwood, Sunflowers, Yarrow, self seeded Parsley.

Pond Edges:
Similar plants to the edge beds

Over the next few posts I'll describe what is planted in each of the vegetable beds.


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