Monday, 12 November 2007

Garden Log: Weekend 10/11 Nov

With test cricket on the radio I was off to the garden early to beat the rising temperatures.

Saturday 10 Nov
Raked up mulch in chook pergola (see here) as it was still nicely damp from last weeks rain.

This was spread over Bed 1 and Bed 4.

Dug up some 'Chook Compost' from under this mulch layer in their pergola.
Made up potting mix with this compost, soaked coir brick and potting mix.
Used this to fill 3 polystyrene boxes for basil and 12 growing-on pots for new San Marzano Tomato and Lebanese Cucumber seedlings that will be ready to pot up next week.

Potted up some Tomato plants
that have out-grown their growing-on pots
but don't have anywhere to go yet. eek

Sunday 11 Nov
Cricket (when it wasn't raining in Brisbane rolleyes ) and hot temps again so out early to find some shade to work in.

Planted the Basil in the boxes 2 for the hothouse
where basil is enjoying growing without any bug attacks!

One box (Purple Basil) went under the back pergola
where it will be watered with 'waste' water from the kitchen
and grabbed for salads when the BBQ's on.

Potted up some cuttings for our Garden Club's monthly trading tables.

Daisies, Euryops, Pink Rosemary (from cuttings taken here),
Ivy Geraniums, Scented Geraniums,
Santolina and Orange Peel Thyme.

Potted up the Grape cuttings I took earlier this year
- 2 Thompson Seedless Table Grapes
- 6 Pink Lady Finger Grapes from the new plant I bought.


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