Thursday, 8 November 2007


It all seems so very long ago now!

My blog has grown to become a very useful record of my food garden's growth. Quite often I find myself referring back to various posts for details of seed names and planting times.

The snippets from my computer-based journal provide a summary of what has been happening each month and from this I can find information quickly. Sometimes! rolleyes

At the beginning of the year I started My Photo A Day Blog which provides a pictorial diary of the garden (mainly) . This has been complemented with regular photo updates here of the growing areas.

The 10 part series Food Gardening for Beginners has been included on the blog and will soon be available as a free downloadable PDF file. As soon as my wonderful Doc has finished Doc-toring it for me! wink

This spring saw a series of Tuesday Re-Use Day posts with 9 posts showing how we re-use all kinds of things in our household.

The next few posts will cover everything being grown in my summer garden on a bed-by-bed basis, including basic growing requirements for each crop. cool

So thank you each and every visitor to my blog your comments keep this blog alive and indeed often lead to further posts as questions are posed.

I look forward to further sharing my garden
with you all in the coming year.


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