Saturday, 24 November 2007

Beds 4 & 5: Onions

Beds 4 and 5:

These beds are still planted up with the onions from winter crops, Bed 4 has Red Odourless and Gladalan White planted 24 April 07 and Brown Onions and Gladalan White in Bed5 planted as an early experiment on 31 May 07.

Growing Requirements:
Latin Name: Allium cepa
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Sow: Plant early and late varieties from Autumn through to late winter.
Soil: Well drained, humus rich soil.
pH: 6.5
Spacing: 10 -15cm apart.

My Notes:
If planted too early in season they bolt (flower) early in Spring.
Usually harvested when tops dry off but can be used anytime they are big enough.
Red Onions are milder in flavour for use in salads.
Brown Onions are usually the long keepers.
Small onions can be pickled.
Long Keeping Onions are usually planted after the winter solstice 22 June.

Extend harvest time by growing different varieties and using substitutes:
Spring Onions planted year round
Shallots, Bunching Onions and Tree/Egyptian Onions or even Chives during summer.

Good Companions:

Bad Companions:

Organic Vegetable Growing by Annette McFarlane
Carrots Love Tomatoes by Louise Riotte
Southern Holdings Easy Guide to Companion Planting and Seed Sowing
Companion Planting in Australia by Brenda Little


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