Sunday, 18 November 2007

Bed 3

Bed 3
The Straw Bale Bed has been a real learning experience. An experimental early spring planting of broccoli with peas and coriander has worked well.

Expected Spring rains just didn't happen so this bed was hand watered until I added the dripperline and drippers attached to a container before we went on holiday.

It must have been the depth and compost/humus content of the soil because it has hardly dried out.

The curtain that was added to keep the cabbage moths out has also kept the aphids away and provided enough shade to keep the worst of the sun (and hot winds) off but still has allowed enough light to penetrate for excellent growth.
It also kept the birds away from the peas!

See earlier blog entries for details on:
Preparation of this bed

Netting it

Update Photo

18 Sept 07 planted 6 Green Organic Silverbeet seedlings.
24 Oct 07 after harvesting Broccoli I removed all but one of the plants and fed them to the chooks. Roughly hoed the soil and planted Lemon Cucumbers.


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