Sunday, 18 November 2007

Bed 3: Cucumbers

Bed 3
This year I have chosen to grow an apple cucumber shaped variety called Lemon Cucumber that came from New Gippsland Seeds and Bulbs.

The Lemon Cucumbers are a new variety I'm trying this year, I have grown Apple Cucumbers very successful before and as these a a variation of Apple Cucumbers I thought these looked good. These will grow over the ground between the Peas.

The seeds were planted 6 Aug 07, potted on into growing pots 23 Sep 07 and were planted outside on 22 Oct 07.

Growing requirements:
Latin Name: Cucumis sativis
Family: Cucurbitaceae
Sow: after all threat of frost
Soil:They like a fertile, well drained soil
pH: 6 -7.5
Spacing: 30cm apart

My Notes
High need for water; cucumbers are 96% water.
Shallow roots mean frequent watering and keeping well mulched.
In my climate they appreciate shade.
May need hand pollination for good crop.
Vines sprawl; give them room or grow on trellises.
Pick frequently to promote further fruit set.

Good Companions:

Organic Vegetable Growing by Annette McFarlane
The Australian Organic Gardener's Handbook by Keith Smith
Carrots Love Tomatoes by Louise Riotte
Southern Holdings Easy Guide to Companion Planting and Seed Sowing
Companion Planting in Australia by Brenda Little


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