Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Tuesday Re-Use-Day - 7

On each Tuesday for the next few weeks I am be featuring photos of things that are re-used around Scarecrow's Garden.

Remember to click on any of the photos to enlarge them! smile
*How the Re-used items were used is written in bold!

Old Fridges

Old fridges never die in Scarecrow's Garden or Doc's workshop for that matter.
See Here for some ways Doc uses them in his workshop.

They are sometimes left intact to become great storage cupboards either inside or out.
Just make sure the doors don't seal themselves on old fridges
as they could be quite airtight if kids could lock themselves inside!

Inside they usually have their doors removed so they act more like shelves.

The grill at the back is removed after the gas is emptied
(you may need professional help/guidance to do this safely)
but then they make good plant benches
when stacked on bricks or blocks.

The inside lining of the door makes for handy storage
when mounted on a door like this one on Doc's workshop door.

When everything is removed and re-used the remaining shell
can be used as a plant bench with pot storage beneath...
this one was actually a broody chook house previously!

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  1. :) i'm hoping to pick up a old broken fridge for a worm farm

  2. Hi Miss k
    Sounds like a great idea...think I've got an old freezer out the back!!!!
    Love new ideas!


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