Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Tuesday Re-Use-Day - 6

On each Tuesday for the next few weeks I am be featuring photos of things that are re-used around Scarecrow's Garden.

Remember to click on any of the photos to enlarge them! smile
*How the Re-used items were used is written in bold!

Corrugated Iron.

It's used mainly for fencing, roofing and building sheds. It's often replaced so there's plenty of iron around that's secondhand. So it gets used for many things in Scarecrow's Garden.
Here's a few ways it's used.

Iron should be stored in an out of the way place and upright if possible.
Here it's stored behind 2 stakes behind the workshop
keeping it out of the way of
general (people and animal) traffic and the wind.
However it doesn't stayed stored very long around here!

At the very simplest it is very useful as a weed barrier
in out of the way (and sight) places.

Used here at the base of the chook fences
it stops Luckydog making her way through the wire fences
and letting the chooks escape.

Here it makes adequate sides for the compost bin

It is very useful for plant benches and shelves and also allows for any run-off water to be collected for re-use back onto the plants.

Here against the shadehouse with wooden supports

And here on an old trampoline frame.

Old corrugated iron water tanks
can be made into shed like structures
often used as wood sheds or animal shelters.

As seen in other re-use-day photos corrugated iron also comes in handy for building small structures like shade houses and chook houses.


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