Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Tuesday Re-Use-Day - 5

On each Tuesday for the next few weeks I will be featuring photos of things that are re-used around Scarecrow's Garden.

Remember to click on any of the photos to enlarge them! smile
*How the Re-used items were used is written in bold!

Drums, Tubs and Barrels

200 litre oil drums are fairly easily obtainable here in the country...it's just that they aren't always the cleanest things to use around the garden. However older ones can be used especially if they have been well washed or weathered or even burnt out.
See Doc's site for how he made some of these things wink

This one started life here as a BBQ and after several burning outs
has now become a worm farm.

Doc very cleverly made a compost tumbler out of this one
which is now waiting to be put on a stand
in the compost corner of the Main Vegetable garden.

This rusted out old drum was a broody chookhouse
before being cut to become a planter (or two)

Keeping drums filled with water under vulnerable fruit trees
helps keep sneaky frosts from destroying young fruit.

These pickle barrels come in very handy
if only we could get more of them!!
This one is part of our grey water re-use system
Other large tubs are useful for growing plants in
like these small water tanks, washing machine tubs
spin and tumble-dryer tubs.


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