Monday, 1 October 2007

September 07 Journal Notes

" The Value of Keeping Records"

A little trouble taken to keep notes of garden operations, the season, rainfall, time of sowing, planting, blooming, ripening will return in the course of a few years an amount of information which will prove invaluable, therefore we suggest that every beginner make a few notes from month to month; this will enable him rapidly to improve his methods and become an expert gardener."
-Yates Garden Guide 1933

In keeping with this advice I post a summary each month from my Garden Journal. That is the word processor version of my scribbled notes I write by hand into a notebook.

Sunday 2nd Min -2.1°C Max19 °C
4 Eggs
Good day for grafting fruit trees on the Moon guides from Cosmic Gardener.
Grafted Granny Smith apple on to apple rootsock sucker near Red Fuji. Also grafted Granny Smith on to a potted Golden Delicious seedling and some Jonathon on to a Golden Delicious seedling planted in the chook run by the Granny Smith. Also grafted some Stella Cherry onto the rootstock in the Almond area Chook Pen.

Wednesday 5
th Min -1.1°C Max 21.4°C
7 Eggs
Added 30 litre barrel to Bed 4 Garlic and onions.
Bed 3 Most peas are up. Brassicas and Coriander looking good. Curtain is keeping out cabbage moths and grasshoppers that are slowly appearing with the warmer weather.

Saturday 8th Min 2.6°C Max 24.5°C
7 Eggs
Re-routed Kitchen sink grey water to worm farm for cleaning before discharge onto fruit crops in Dog Pen area. See Here

Prepared site for trial 'Wicker-bed'. See Here

Tuesday 18th Min 1.6°C Max 25°C
7 Eggs
Potted on 40 Organic Green Silverbeet seedlings in the shadehouse and planted out 6 to Bed 3 and 2 in Dog Pen Tank bed.

Saturday 22nd Min 3°C Max 25.1°C
7 Eggs
Cleared Bed 2 and planted 5 Golden Zucchini under Shadecloth re-attached drippers and put water container on for watering.
3 Rouge d'Etampes Pumpkins planted into prepared 'Wicker Bed' planted through felt covering with 2 4 litre juice containers added for watering.
1 Golden Zucchini planted in tank bed.

Potted on
6 Golden Midget Watermelons
7 Moon and Stars Watermelons
10 Hales Rockmelons
5 Gourds
8 Bean Gourds
7 Ida Gold dwarf cherry Tomatoes
2 Pacesetter Tomatoes
1 San Marzano Tomato

Hilled up Potatoes in Bed 6

Golden Zucchini planted in Bed2

Sunday 23rd Min 10.9°C Max 25°C
9 Eggs
Tidied Main Shade house- everything potted on that needs to be and everything well watered with containers beneath to help them survive.

Thursday 27th Min 4.6°C Max 20.6°C
8 Eggs
Measured up and planning started for more 'wicker-beds'
One in Dog Pen Bed and the other on Bed 10 which is becoming clogged with tree roots probably from the large gum tree out in the street that is looking for water during the dry winter when our front garden hasn't been watered.

A summary of egg totals and weather details:

189 Eggs from the 10 new girls.

The old girls (8 eggs) are starting to lay again soon we will move them into the Fruit Tree Area around the Main Veg Garden and put them to work as pest controllers.

Lowest Minimum Temp was -2.2°C The mean minimum was 4.4°C
Highest Maximum Temp was 30.9°C The mean maximum was 20.7°C

Rainfall total was 13 mm with the September average being 33.4 mm


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