Tuesday, 16 October 2007

More Wicker Water Beds

Three weeks after planting the pumpkins in the trial wicker-water bed, I'm so happy with the results that have I decided to make some more. So I asked Doc to help dig out Bed 10 in the Main Veg Garden.

When preparing this bed for green manure earlier this year we noticed that it contained many tree roots. As this bed had been raised last year it was an ideal candidate for a wicker system.
It now has 2 beds about 1m wide across it.

This time I purchased the drainage hose, black plastic and found some 50mm poly pipe fittings for the ends. The same procedure was used:- Clearing, digging out, leveling with sand then plastic in place.

This time lengths of the 50mm drainage hose of which one end was capped, the other end had an elbow attached with a length of 50mm poly pipe to rise above the surface of the bed to allow for watering.
The soil was mixed with the remaining compost with 2 coir peat blocks included to aid its water retention.

I then added some compost worms and covered the lot with felt after a good watering. Any good mulch would do but I had a clean source of underfelt to use.

This bed will be allowed to settle and planted out with tomatoes when all chance of frost has passed. A shade frame will first be built over it with 50% shadecloth attached.


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