Friday, 12 October 2007

Holiday Plant Care

We've just returned home from 6 days visiting our daughter in North Queensland for her wedding. We had a wonderful time but had to leave the garden to fend for itself.

Our friend offered to look after the chooks and water a few things but with the water restrictions I couldn't expect her to water the whole garden by hand! eek

Before we left I sorted through everything in the shade house and put containers under the pots to hold a small reservoir of water. I lined trays with plastic to create a pool of water and gave the veg garden a thorough soak and filled the barrel/containers with water and left them to slowly drip.

In the hot house everything had either a tray underneath or a plastic pool set up.

In the old hothouse I set up a container of water to slowly drip into a box of basil seedlings...they have done really well. smile

More advanced seedlings were moved to under the back pergola into containers and a 'pool' set up by laying a plastic tarp over tyres to hold run-off water.
Our friend watered these (thank you) but they were at risk of frost damage there. Fortunately the -2C frost on Thursday didn't harm them and they are just about 'walking' out to the garden by themselves.

I had hoped it might rain during our time away but that just didn't happen. rolleyes
The pumpkins in the wicker-water bed still haven't drooped their leaves nor showed any sign of frost damage, they did receive a thorough soak before I left. cool

Just about all the plants survived
and have now been taken out of these containers
to drain properly.


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