Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Tuesday Re-Use-Day - 3

On each Tuesday for the next few weeks I will be featuring photos of things that are re-used around Scarecrow's Garden.

Remember to click on any photo to enlarge them!
*The Re-used items are written in bold!

Extending the Seasons

Our first shadehouse actually started out as a hot house.
A wooden frame with plastic over it
but a hail storm destroyed that!
So we covered it with corrugated iron and shade cloth.
An old freezer for storage inside.
Corrugated iron
formed the shelves.

An old screen door covered with shadecloth
became its door.

Later we were given lengths of aluminium tubing
from an old shade house structure.
Doc built this shade house using it and secondhand timber.
An old pantry door was given a coat of paint
and became it's door.

Iron was used on the South (cold) side for shelter from wind.
Iron was also used inside for shelving.

These shadehouses allow for seedlings to be grown and cuttings taken through our hot summers and proved essential before our trees grew for shade.

Our cold winters may be short here
but none the less early seed sowing
gives us a head start in Spring.
When we first obtained these ex-bathroom windows
they were rested up against an old fridge and sleepers.
Being at ground level meant bending down
and lifting boxes of seedlings as they grew...

... so we built a bigger structure that I could stand up in
and keep boxed seedlings on shelves.

More old windows were found and other bits...
... like sides of old washing machines were used to fill the gaps.

My very clever Hubby Doc made a new door out of scrap wood
and it was attached using strips of rubber off old tyres.

On cold nights the windows are covered with plastic tarps to keep the frost out.

Inside the hot house the old fridge is now a shelf
and old fridge shelves were added to a frame for another shelf.
There is even an old shop bread rack used to hold pots.
The plastic containers in the photo are filled with water
This helps to keep the hot house warm on cold nights
by retaining heat built up during the day.

Last year I ran out of room in the hothouse
so I put some over-wintered Tomato plants in this little unit.
Which I made by adding an old metal frame
over the base of a vaulting horse box.
The frame was covered with plastic
and an old tarp thrown over on really frosty nights.


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