Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Tuesday Re-Use-Day - 1

On each Tuesday for the next few weeks I will be featuring photos of things that are re-used around Scarecrow's Garden.
Remember to click on any photo to enlarge them! smile

This week I'll start with re-used items in the Chicken Runs

This ex-Dog Kennel is now an emergency house for sick or injured chooks that need to be kept in isolation.

An old Twin Tub Washing Machine shell became a roomy nest box.

When we needed another gate Doc rescued this piece of Security Door Mesh from work and built one.

Packing Paper and Shredded Paper is scratched into mulch by the chooks.

Shredded Paper makes a comfy nest lining.

This Old Milk Crate becomes a broody cage each year with a sheet of corrugated iron as a roof. It's always placed in a shady position.

To be continued next Tuesday cool


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