Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Grey Water Worms - Update

More than a week later the system is doing fine. The worms have found drier pockets within the system and although I did feed them once last week seem happy enough.
There are still no odours coming from the set up, and lots of water trickling/draining through.

Just a reminder to people that we are NOT in suburbia here and are not connected up to a 'normal' sewerage system. We have septic and sullage tanks here to deal with our waste water and so far this little system is smelling a lot cleaner than the sullage tank does!
There are only 2 adults in our house;
This unit is only connected to the kitchen sink and the theory is that the worms eat the debris (from the washing up).

A summary of comments and questions received on this post for full details see original post: HERE

Matron: I've got Doc looking into the reed bed systems!

Bare Bones Gardener
...My only concern would be for the health of the worms with the soap content of the kitchen and bathroom water...
09 September, 2007 09:57

Scarecrow said...
Hi Bare Bones Gardener
We make up a mild soap based cleaning fluid that will be used in the sink now and really greasy dishes will be washed separately with this water being disposed of elsewhere.
This will require careful monitoring and Doc has an incredible sense of smell so any odours won't be tolerated by him.
The original system is still in place and could be reconnected if it needs to.
With the amount of water that has come through this little unit already we really have to find a way to re-use it!
09 September, 2007 10:18

Bare Bones Gardener said...
Good luck with it. I've linked back to you off my blog so I can keep updated on this one. Fingers crossed 4 you.
09 September, 2007 10:49

Mumchook said...
...How would the worms cope with the volume of water? As it comes in, is it simply flooding through the layers and straight out again, with the fats and debris as you call them being taken care of by the worms?
Or is the amount of water relatively small and trickling through?
10 September, 2007 11:32

Scarecrow said...
Thanks Bare Bones my fingers are crossed too!

Scarecrow said...
Hi Mumchook
There doesn't seem to be too much yet and we may need to feed the worms!
ATM the water is only a trickle but fairly constant. We only need to do one load of dishes a day here!
I feel it may be getting a bit too wet and may need to be bigger to allow the worms somewhere dry to move to.

Matron said...
There are plants which take up harmful stuff from water. If you feel energetic... try planting a reed bed in a large flat tank and running the water through that!
11 September, 2007 05:23

Scarecrow said...
Hi Matron
I've used mulch plants (like comfrey) to make use of grey water before but was a little concerned about the smells from kitchen water (well Doc was) coming from the area.
Reed beds do work well...something else to consider!
One thing is for sure we have to re-use this water somehow!
11 September, 2007 09:04

Mumchook said...
Good work Scarecrow... gotta experiment, eh, to determine what works!
11 September, 2007 12:16

All your comments are helping folks...giving me lots to think about. Thank you!


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