Friday, 14 September 2007

Friday Photos

Red Wattlebird - Anthochaera carunculata

Meet our morning alarm clock!
This time of the year these noisy birds start 'chok-a-chokking' at 5.20 each morning. Argh! eek
It's also breeding season so nothing is safe from their dive-bombing. rolleyes
Ninja has gone into hiding as she can't even walk to the front gate!

Fortunately at the moment 'their domain' is confined to the large gum tree out the front and they only consider the front garden to be 'theirs'.
So Luckydog and the chooks out the back are safe!

They usually are good garden friends because they eat a lot of moths, small grasshoppers and other insects...except they also have a craving for ripe Apricots and Peaches.
As they are quite fearless the usual 'bird-scarers' are of little use, so we just let them have a small share of the fruit.
At ripening time the fruit garden is also considered 'their domain'.

Although often very hard to see in the trees we always know they are around because we hear them!

Their call is described on this site as:

"...several distinctive but unmusical calls including coughs,
a harsh 'yac a yac' and a loud 'chok'."


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