Friday, 7 September 2007

Friday Photos

The forecasters are teasing us with thunderstorm promises...
...let's hope these clouds build up for some rain!

A Friday photo blog today...
...there's so much new Spring growth in Scarecrow's Garden
despite only having 31mm of rain during Winter.
Our Winter average is supposed to be 105.5mm.
Remember to click on the photos to enlarge

In the plastic hot house Tomatoes, Cucurbits,
over-wintered Eggplant and newly emerging Peanuts!

A water tub for Bed 4 Garlic, Silverbeet Bed 7,
Bed 3 under the Curtain,
Potatoes under the Plastic Cloche
(still a favourite spot for Ninja!)

New buds on the Figs & Grapevines,
Flowers & new growth on Elderberries & Plums.

New Silverbeet seedlings to replace
these ones in the Dog Pen Tank Beds,
Salad Box overflowing with Goldrush Lettuce
and the first Broad Beans setting on Bed 6.


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