Friday, 21 September 2007

Friday Photos 21 Sep 07

After reading about other Aussies harvesting their
mine is finally starting to come through.
I was beginning to think the dry winter had killed it off.

In the Shade House cuttings taken earlier are growing:
Thornless Blackberry, Pink Lady Finger Grapes,
Thompson's Seedless Table Grapes
and Variegated Elderberry.

In the Fruit Garden the Pome fruits are flowering:
Nashi Pear and Cox's Orange Pippin

Outside in the Main Vegetable Garden:
The Potatoes are awaiting mounding
and Perpetual Spinach is running to seed
for collection later.

In the early morning the Arctosis take a while to open.

These Lachenalias are 'soldiering' on,
like other
Spring Bulb flowers this year
have been rather small

The first load of Spring seedlings have been planted out:
These Sunflowers into a sheltered spot
in the Dog Pen Garden
and about 40 Silverbeet seedlings
were potted on in the Shade house during the week.


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