Friday, 21 September 2007

Friday Photos 21 Sep 07

After reading about other Aussies harvesting their
mine is finally starting to come through.
I was beginning to think the dry winter had killed it off.

In the Shade House cuttings taken earlier are growing:
Thornless Blackberry, Pink Lady Finger Grapes,
Thompson's Seedless Table Grapes
and Variegated Elderberry.

In the Fruit Garden the Pome fruits are flowering:
Nashi Pear and Cox's Orange Pippin

Outside in the Main Vegetable Garden:
The Potatoes are awaiting mounding
and Perpetual Spinach is running to seed
for collection later.

In the early morning the Arctosis take a while to open.

These Lachenalias are 'soldiering' on,
like other
Spring Bulb flowers this year
have been rather small

The first load of Spring seedlings have been planted out:
These Sunflowers into a sheltered spot
in the Dog Pen Garden
and about 40 Silverbeet seedlings
were potted on in the Shade house during the week.


  1. Hi There,
    I'm a first time blogger and have found yours an inspiration to start my own. So thank you and I will enjoy reading yours in the future.
    Happy Days,

  2. Thanks and welcome to Blogland Daisy.

    You're off to a great start!

  3. What beautifu garden pictures. your asparagud looks good :)

  4. Hi Miss K
    Thanks for visiting!

    I do love your chook dome! And Megs!

    I'm hoping for great things from that Asparagus!!!!

  5. Its funny reading all about your garden coming into bloom when ours is slowly going to sleep!!

  6. Hi Wifey

    Don't you worry, I have great things planned for that asparagus LOL


  7. Hello Libby
    I had the same feeling earlier in the year visiting your blog!! :)

    Yes Doc
    Wrapped in foil, with white wine and butter and thrown on the BBQ! Yummy!!
    Can't wait!


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