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August 07 Journal Notes

" The Value of Keeping Records"
A little trouble taken to keep notes of garden operations, the season, rainfall, time of sowing, planting, blooming, ripening will return in the course of a few years an amount of information which will prove invaluable, therefore we suggest that every beginner make a few notes from month to month; this will enable him rapidly to improve his methods and become an expert gardener."
-Yates Garden Guide 1933

In keeping with this advice I post a summary each month from my Garden Journal. That is the word processor version of my scribbled notes I write by hand into a notebook.

Wednesday 1 Min 5.7°C Max 16.5°C
2mm Rain o/n
3 Eggs
Planted out a mixture of coloured Potatoes saved from last year into Bed 6 and covered over with a plastic tunnel.
See the full entry here

Sunday August 5 Min 5.8°C Max 13°C
3 Eggs
Added water container to drip line on bed 6
See how here.

Monday August 6 Min -0.2°C Max 17°C
3 Eggs
8 San Marzano Tomatoes
4 Buttercup Pumpkins
4 Rouge d'Etampe Pumpkins
6 Goldfinger Zucchini
6 Lemon Cucumbers
These were planted into punnets and margarine containers and put in polystyrene boxes with glass covers.
Into a 6 celled punnet seeds of Alpine Strawberries were planted, placed in a plastic bag and put into the shadehouse as they require a temperature under 16 degrees to germinate.

Friday August 10 Min 8.6°C Max 20.9°C
3 Eggs
Preparation for plastic hot house building on the weekend.
Cleared Bed 9
Took loads of topsoil and put them ready top up potatoes on bed 6.
Collected the star pickets.
Found 2 pieces of poly irrigation pipe that just fitted.
Bought plastic 6m
See the full project here

Monday August 13 Min 0.7°C Max 14°C
3 Eggs
Potted on seedlings after making up potting on mix see here.

Thursday August 23 Min 0.9°C Max 20°C
3 Eggs
Potted on
Black Russian Tomatoes 27; 12 to individual cut down milk containers rest in containers.
Pacesetter Tomatoes 5 to individual cut down milk containers
Ida Gold Tomatoes 1 to a paper pot
Goldfinger Zucchinis 6 to individual cut down juice containers
Lemon Cucumbers 5 to individual cut down juice containers
Rouge d'Etampes Pumpkin 5 to individual cut down juice containers
Potted up some Wormwood cuttings
Planted seeds:
Rockmelon Hales from New Gippsland
Watermelon Golden Midget from Diggers
Watermelon Moon and Stars from Diggers
Bean Gourd from a seed saver
Gourds Bottle from saved seed

Saturday August 25 Min 1.5°C Max 23.5°C
3 Eggs
Cleared end of driveway and moved cars around. Chooks out.
Prepared potting mix and pots for Oca.
Hot house temp peaked at 40C

Thursday August 30 Min 1°C Max 27.9°C
3 Eggs
Covered Bed 3 with curtains to keep off cabbage moths
See the full project here
Harvested first mushrooms from kit one large 164g and 2 smaller, more to come!
See the full project here

A summary of egg totals and weather details:
The girls were really feeling the wintry conditions this month and as a result the egg total was down to 93 but they are already improving for this month. biggrin

Lowest Minimum Temp was -2.3°C
The mean minimum was 2.9°C
Highest Maximum Temp was 27.9°C
The mean maximum was 17.3°C

Rainfall total was 7 mm for the month with the average being 37.6 mm.
Total for year to date is 223.6 mm.


  1. I was just reviewing my blog from this time last year, so brilliant to be able to look back to see what worked and what didn't! I see that you grow mushrooms, I am about to embark on a mushroom growing project on my next blog.. would welcome some advice as I've never done it before. Say hello to Luckydog from me!

  2. Hi Matron
    Yes that's the main reason I started blogging to keep a record of everything, the photos help too.
    I left you some hints re the mushrooms on your blog!
    Luckydog says hello back (and hello to Buddy)


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