Sunday, 5 August 2007

Watering the Potatoes

Bed 6, where I have planted the Early Potatoes, already had lengths of in-line drippers on it so these were left in place. However our Winter Water Restrictions forbid their use now. With the plastic cover in place any light falls of rain that we get will not water the potatoes.

I have read that this dripper system may be run off a water tank. This bed is connected to the whole garden system but I don't need to water everything in the garden (which would very quickly use all my rainwater tank supplies)

So I have connected the dripper system directly to a 20 litre water container and can fill this by hand with a watering can. I can now control the flow of water here and won't risk forgetting to turn off the water tank and losing all the rainwater at once!! eek
The Broad Beans growing alongside the potatoes won't object to the extra water either as they also have a dripper line on them.


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