Saturday, 25 August 2007


With the price of mushrooms sky-rocketing lately I've been considering growing my own for a while.

At the July Garden Club meeting J from the garden shop said they were having a sale on the mushroom farms available in boxes so next morning off I went to buy one.

I wasn't sure about these kits because in the past I'd always had them fail (read I always managed to forget about them) redface

This time I was going to succeed! cool

I set the box up as per instructions and placed it in the laundry *mistake* I soon realised this was much too cold.

The instructions said "Room Temperature" which is fine if the room temperature is between 18-22C. During July in my laundry the temperature is lucky to go above 10C. So this meant moving the farm into the dining room.

A check with a thermometer revealed the temp was just right.

This week I remembered about it!!! When I went to mist it with water I found it was indeed alive and actually sprouting 3 tiny mushies.

It's working! Ya!

I'll need to keep a close eye on it for the next few days to see how fast these little mushies grow...

Update 1 Sep 07
See here


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