Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Lucky Dog - Garden Dog

Matron at Down on the Allotment had a wonderful post the other day featuring our canine friends and how the 'help' us in the garden...Lucky-Dog was included in the group with some other great 'helpers'.

We got Lucky from the Animal Welfare League rescue home soon after moving back to South Australia in 1994, she was about 4 months old then and very soon after let us know that the front fence was not going to hold her in by skipping over it as if it wasn't there. She wanted to follow the kids to school as they rode off on their bikes!

Fortunately we had plenty of room here to build a more secure area for our then 2 dogs that we named the Dog Pen. This was really just a well fenced off area with grass and trees in it for the dogs to live, safe (for us) in the knowledge that they couldn't escape.

At Thirteen years of age now, we're noticing that Lucky is starting to become deaf, so she isn't just ignoring us when she refuses to come when called. wink
We have to whistle or clap to get her attention now, but she responds well to hand signals.
This means that she relies on her nose even more when out and about and can track a cat for miles. Well it seems that way. lol

She helps me track down the hidden nests that the chooks make under bushes but I have to be quick so she doesn't claim an egg or two!

She always checks out the straw bales. When she was younger she used to catch mice from the bales brought back from a nearby farm. That was during a mouse plague.

Her other favourite job is to check out the compost...she thinks that smells rather yummy!

Most of the time she is just snoozing around or keeping a close eye on everything in the garden. Doesn't harm the occasional escapee chook and is best friends with The Black Ninja Cat.

Update: Sadly Luckydog died in her sleep on Saturday 27th March 2010.
She was aged 16 years.


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