Thursday, 2 August 2007

July Journal Notes

" The Value of Keeping Records"
A little trouble taken to keep notes of garden operations, the season, rainfall, time of sowing, planting, blooming, ripening will return in the course of a few years an amount of information which will prove invaluable, therefore we suggest that every beginner make a few notes from month to month; this will enable him rapidly to improve his methods and become an expert gardener."
-Yates Garden Guide 1933

In keeping with this advice I post a summary each month from my Garden Journal. This is the word processor version of my scribbled notes I write by hand into a notebook.

Tuesday July 3 Min 4.4°C Max 18.4°C
1.5mm Rain
5 Eggs
Phoenix seed catalogue arrived the first catalogue for the year! biggrin

Wednesday July 11 Min 0.4°C Max 11.8°C
6 Eggs
Turned compost heap on Bed 10

Thursday July 12 Min 3.7°C Max 11.7°C
5 Eggs
Weeded pathway in Dog Pen put weeds etc in heap on edge of Herb Bed. This will rot down to allow pumpkins (maybe) to grow in Spring

Friday July 13 Min -0.1°C Max 11.2°C
4 Eggs
Emptied some of the chook house bedding on to the weed heap in the Dog Pen
Put some older chookhouse bedding onto the Asparagus beds also some ‘fresh’ bedding on top.
This bedding is a base of wood shavings and when mixed with the chook poop it breaks down quickly to a very friable mix. Which is good to mix in with our heavy clay soil here to break it up.

Friday July 20 Min -4.2°C Max 12.5°C
6 Eggs
Moved Mumma to the area with the other 3 'Old Girls'. She was put into 'Chippee's' old house/cage and will be kept separate for a while just to be sure that whatever caused the other 3 oldies to die was indeed old age or the extremes in temps. This will also give her and the others a chance to become re-acquainted.
Trimmed the wormwood bushes along the front fenceline in Fruit Tree Area.
Transplanted some Parsley from Bed 6 to the edge of the Asparagus bed
Cleared half of bed 6 and dug a trench. Filled this with some Broad Bean trimmings that the frost had injured and a load of Nettles from the chook run.
Put up the light frame ready for some plastic to go over after I plant the early Potatoes next week.

Mamma locked up!

July 24 Min -1.1°C Max 20°C
5 Eggs
Planted early Spring Seeds
See Here

Early seeds under glass

July 29 Min 4°C Max 14.8°C
4 Eggs
Turned compost heap on bed 10 watering layers as I went
Turned and fluffed up compost on Bed 3. Fresh top soil placed on top except in trench in centre which will be filled with manures as a feeding trench
Weeded Bed 4 Onions and Garlic
In Hot house cosmos and sunflower seeds are emerging
Picked coloured Silverbeet and Carrots for lunch Large White Carrots were roasted while the silverbeet was steamed with tomatoes (out the freezer) then cheese melted through.

Lunch basket

July 30 Min 6.8°C Max 15.9°C
4 Eggs
Seed order from New Gippsland Seeds and Bulbs which included:
10 Purple New Zealand Yams (Oca)
Packets of
Tip Top Carrots
Goldfinger Zucchini
Lemon Cucumber
Virginia Peanuts
Rouge d'Etampes Pumpkin
Buttercup Pumpkin
Alpine Strawberry San Marzano Tomatoes.

In the Hot house
Sweet and Purple Basil seeds are emerging
As are some Cucumber seeds eek

Purple Basil seedlings emerging

A summary of egg totals and weather details:

154 Eggs from the 'new' girls.
The old girls are still resting. We lost another one last month so there are only 5 old girls left now. Most of these are over 10 years old now.
The 'new' girls are playing games and laying under bushes in their run so I don't always find the 'nest' in time to use the eggs!

Lowest Minimum Temp was -4.5°C The mean minimum was 1.8°C
Highest Maximum Temp was 22.2°C The mean maximum was 13.8°C

Rainfall total was 16.5 mm for the month with the average being 33.8 mm. Total for year to date is 216.6 mm.


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