Saturday, 18 August 2007

Hot House Seedlings - Part 2

The new plastic hot house is doing a great job.
These Black Zucchini are loving the extra room and warmth.

I had a few containers of White Cosmos, Marigolds and Sunflowers ready to pot on and a spare Saturday morning so it was off to an early (but chilly) start!

More potting on mix was made up and juice bottles cut down, filled with the mixture and a handful of worm castings, ready for planting the Giant Sunflowers into.

The smaller growing colourful Evening Sun variety went into pots and tubs.

The marigolds and cosmos went into cell trays.

Although temps in the new hot house are up around 30C during the day the nights are still chilly with frosts being predicted this week. To keep these new babies warm I cover them loosely with old some paper backed, bubble wrap packaging.

Ninja stuck her head in and says it does the trick! wink lol


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