Friday, 31 August 2007


The Haybale Garden on Bed 3 is proving to be a worthwhile addition to the plan.
The young Broccoli and Cabbages are looking good...just one problem! evil

The warm weather has brought the cabbage moths out.
They are everywhere.
Each time I visit the garden I check the backs of the leaves for the tiny eggs that these pests lay and squish them before they have time to hatch.

I needed a way to keep the moths off the seedlings. The weather is warm now but not really warm enough to cover things up with shadecloth yet.
I have some fleece fabric but with the very strong winds we are having lately they'd be ripped to shreds in minutes.

I scrounged around in the old caravan that has become a store for 'you don't want to know what' (read everything) and found just the thing.
Some old net curtains...left over from days when we lived in houses with big windows. I bundled them up and took them to the garden...they were too small.

So I took them inside and ran them up on the trusty Janome (sewing machine) and in five minutes was back in the garden with a cover that fitted.

The curtains were held in place by lengths of wood with rocks on them because we had 50km/h plus winds forecast.

I put jars over the ends of the stakes so they don't rip the fabric

They survived and hopefully so will the seedlings and their tiny companions, the newly emerged peas that are just showing their heads.

These curtains should keep the birds off the peas too! biggrin


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