Monday, 27 August 2007

Compost Making Update: 27 Aug 07

This is the final update on this compost heap...because I'm starting to use it!

The compost has been 'cooking' for 12 weeks through our cold and very dry winter.

Since building this heap we have had a total of 30mm of rain. We haven't had more than 5mm fall in one day so basically this heap has had no help from falling rain but has been watered with rainwater from the tank on each turn.

This heap:
  • Was built on 2 June 07
  • First turned on 11 June 07
  • Second turn on 30 June 07
  • Third turn on 11 July 07
  • Fourth turn 29 July 07
  • Fifth turn 18 Aug 07
The cover has remained on most of this time only being removed on 17 August when rain was forecast (4mm fell)

I have begun using it:
  • mixing into soil for building up beds for spring planting;
  • putting in trenches when planting potatoes;
  • filling holes in preparation for pumpkins;
  • as a feeding, surface mulch which has been covered with dry straw.

It is quite damp and smells wonderfully 'earthy'.

Go HERE to see how it was built
and updates are HERE
and HERE.


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