Saturday, 28 July 2007

Rescued from the Beaks of Death!

Another little visitor to my garden was this tiny gecko. I rescued him from the chook's water bucket before I let them out this morning. I'm glad I saw him as the chooks would have thought him a tasty morsel! evil

At first I thought he'd drowned but when I reached in with a stick he grabbed it. He must have been very cold because he stayed still long enough for lots of photos.

Although I do think he was eyeing off my Lettuces in this pot.

I love his translucent skin

And those buggy eyes! eek

I'm glad I rescued this little fellow from those chookies...
...he's now residing in my Herb Garden.
Hopefully to catch lots of little bugs in there.

This isn't the first time I've had to rescue lizards from buckets. Now I've placed shallow trays in the garden for the lizards to drink from. I've put rocks and sticks in them so they can get out of the water by themselves.


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