Sunday, 1 July 2007

June Journal Notes

Saturday 2nd June Min 8.3°C Max 12.4°C
1 mm Rain
5 Eggs
Built compost heap on bed 10 where Tomatoes will be grown next year. Compost made with straw, cow manure, nettles comfrey and marshmallows. Watered with rainwater/seaweed extract/fish emulsion/Epson salts.
See Blog entry:

Ninja says the compost heap is warming up nicely!

Monday 11th June Min 0.4°C Max 12.8°C
3 Eggs
Turned the compost heap to aerate and re-moisten adding r/water/molasses and urine
See blog entry

Saturday 16th June Min -4.6°C Max 15.0°C
7 Eggs
See Garden Log entry for 16 June 07

Sunday 17th June Min -1.4°C Max 11.6°C
7 Eggs
According to Thomas Zimmer's Moon Planting Guide this weekend is time for Greens planting.
I planted seeds of:
Borage seed from Select Organics
Coriander seed from Greenpatch Seeds
Nonnie's Giant Arugula - Rocket seed from SSN No. 2917BA
Ethiopian Cabbage seed from SSN no. 2025B
Golden Acre Cabbage seed from Eden Seeds
Di Cicco Early Broccoli seed from Eden Seeds
Chervil seed from New Gippsland Seeds
A test planting of home collected seeds of the 3 types of wormwood I grow:
Tree Wormwood
Roman Wormwood
Common Wormwood
These were all planted in punnets and watered with a Rainwater/Epson salts mixture. Pace into the hothouse. The wormwoods were covered with a clear plastic container to keep them warm.
Later Lettuce seedlings (Red Velvet x 6, Red Coral x 9 and Gold Rush x 20.) were planted into boxes under the Back Pergola and into a waiting Tank Bed in the Dog Pen garden. These were watered in with a Rainwater/Seaweed solution mixture.

Lettuces in boxes under the back pergola

Friday 22nd June Min 1.7°C Max 11.2°C
1 mm Rain
8 Eggs
Winter Solstice 3:38 am the longest night and shortest day for the southern hemisphere.
The coldest time of the year down under. From now on the days slowly become longer triggering different growth patterns in plants. The lengthening days will tend to make Spinach plants run to seed, it means that garlic now puts more energy into bulb formation instead of leaf formation that it has been doing until now and after the solstice is usually the time for planting Long Keeping Onions. Many people plant Potato Onions on the shortest day of the year and harvest them on the longest day in December.

Saturday 30th June Min 6.3°C Max 13°C
Full Moon 11.20pm (Aus CST) Blue Moon for June
.5mm Rain
7 Eggs
Tonight’s second Full Moon for this month makes it a Blue Moon.
Turned the compost again see here:

A summary of egg totals and weather details:

194 Eggs from the new girls.
The old girls are still resting. We lost another one last week (Chippee the mad Bantam) so there are only 6 old girls left now. Most of these are over 10 years old now.

Lowest Minimum Temp was -5.0°C The mean minimum was 0.8°C
Highest Maximum Temp was 15°C The mean maximum was 12.1°C

Rainfall total was 7.5 mm for the month with the average being 34.1 mm
The photo below is from the weather bureau’s nearest weather station 10kms away. Click to enlarge to read it!


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