Friday, 27 July 2007

I Wasn't Going To....But....

I wasn't intending to plant many early seeds this year, due to the fact we will be away at the time I usually do my first planting out in the garden in October. However, our Garden Club has decided to hold a Trading Table at the Hospital Fete this year and seedling vegetables are always popular.

With this in mind I have planted a few that I already had the seeds for in the seed box and also have placed a small order for some more. wink

See Food Gardening for Beginners Part 6 - Getting Your Seeds To Grow for more information on growing from seed. cool

On Tuesday 24th July the following were planted in punnets, margarine containers and cell trays:
Cucumber - Lebanese Mini from Digger’s Seeds
Sunflower - Evening Sun and Giant Russian from Eden Seeds
- some seed that Gringo sent me last year!! smile
Tomato - Ida Gold from Seed Saver's Network
- Black Russian from Eden Seeds
- Pacesetter from Eden Seeds
Pumpkin - Golden Nugget Home Saved Seed
- Jap from Eden Seeds
Squash - Delicata from Phoenix Seeds
Zucchini - Black from Eden Seeds
Silverbeet - Green Silver O/G from DT Brown Seeds

A collection of herbs and flowers for Companion Planting:
Anise Hyssop from Phoenix Seeds
Basil - Sweet from Eden Seeds
Basil - Purple from Phoenix Seeds
Dill from Select Organic Seeds
Fennel - Bronze from Eden Seeds
Parsley - Curled from DT Brown Seeds
Cosmos - White from DT Brown Seeds
Marigold - Crackerjack from DT Brown Seeds
Nasturtium - Alaska Gold from Digger’s Seeds
Nasturtium - Alaska Scarlett from Digger’s Seeds
Nigella - Blue from DT Brown Seeds
Nigella - Mixed from DT Brown Seeds
Phacelia tanacetifoli from Digger’s Seeds

All the seeds for the frost sensitive plants went into the hot house in polystyrene boxes with glass covers because they need all the heat they can get at this time of the year.

The others have gone into the shadehouse and all except the Silverbeet have gone under glass in there too.

The soil temperature in these pots is exceeding 25C during the daytime (the days have been warmer than usual for this time of the year) Covering the boxes at night should help keep the warmth in at night.

The packet in which the soil thermometer came says this should be warm enough to allow germination. These are the minimum soil temps. required for germination!

I'm hoping this cloud continues to gather because we are on a promise of rain for tomorrow.
Here's hoping exclaim


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