Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Eat Green

Homegrown the only way to go!

I've just heard an interesting interview on the radio. Chuck Berger from the Australian Conservation Foundation was speaking about the environmental impact of the foods we eat. Here's a link to their web page with the full story but some interesting points were raised (and taken into more detail on the site; click on each point for a link).
  1. Reduce Animal Products
  2. Choose unprocessed or unrefined foods
  3. Eat what you buy, don’t waste it!
  4. Choose organic
  5. Bring the paddock closer to your plate
It's interesting to note that most of this can be achieved by growing your own food in the backyard.
Especially for point 5. Even using containers in small gardens will help reduce the impact of what you're eating on our environment!

The ACF site also has an interesting page called Green the Garden with ideas for making your garden more sustainable and environmentally friendly.


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