Thursday, 12 July 2007

The Colours Of Winter

July is our coldest month here and by now things have almost stopped growing. At least the pests aren't very active either.
The last weeks of June were quite cold and it's bringing out some glorious colours in the leafy vegetables.
The Russian Red Kale has gone from grey-blue to nearly red.

The Red Silverbeet is even darker now.

Just today I noticed my Lemon Thyme has gone half red!
It still looks healthy though!

After a warm and wet start to this month we now back to frosts and maximum temps of about 12C.
As soon as the sun shines for a short time the bees are out and about.

The rosemary bushes are a favourite for them.

While the sun is shining I make a bee-line for my little hot house.
I have some interesting things happening in there...more on that later!

The seed catalogues are starting to arrive and the study can begin in earnest.

I've roughly mapped out where to plant what next spring but I haven't decided on varieties yet. Gets exciting to think of all the potential harvest. The only uncertainty is whether or not our current water restrictions will remain. If they do I shall have to reduce the size of the garden significantly to allow for hand watering. This could be done and would make for an interesting challenge. Other gardeners in Australia had these restrictions last year during summer.


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