Saturday, 30 June 2007

Winter Strawberries

Today is the last day of June. As one of the warmer, sunnier days we've had in a couple of weeks I've been out in the garden.
The compost has been turned again, a little weeding done and the strawberry bed was tidied.

When I removed the cloche from the strawberry bed look what I found!


And some more coming too!


Even the feverfew cuttings are growing well.


Considering these plants have had very little water applied
and have been covered to the measly
7.5 mm of rain we've had this month,
I'm very pleased with the growth here.
They only needed a quick tidy up
before a drink of very diluted seaweed extract in rainwater.


Then their cover was put back on to keep them warm.


Only one problem now!
Doc just saw the photo of that strawberry and has claimed it for himself.


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