Monday, 4 June 2007

May Journal Notes

Autumn has arrived in Scarecrow's Garden.
Just in time for Winter!
The last couple of weeks have seen temperatures drop especially in the mornings and our first frost for the year. The leaves are falling from the fruit trees and we are getting some rain at last. Planting will slow down but I have already begun preparing the soil for next Spring's crops.

Saturday 5th May Min 5.9°C Max 20.9°C
8 Eggs
Temporarily fenced off the main vegetable garden and let the chooks out for the day. Hopefully to get some of the weeds that are threatening to overgrow the driveway.

Wednesday 9th May Min 10.2°C Max 17.2°C
6 Eggs
Time to clean out the Chook House...
See entry Chook House Fun

Thursday 17th May Min 4°C Max 19°C
7 Eggs
For this months Garden Club comp I decided to take a selection of different coloured silverbeet. Didn't win, I came in second...
I got Pipped at the Post by a Posy!
Our 'role call' was a weed and that was quite interesting...
I had some plants and eggs for the trading table too.
The group set off to visit a garden after the meeting but I couldn't tag along because I had to go to work!

Sunday 20th May Min 6°C Max 18°C
7 Eggs
Planted out some of the natives that were grown from seed last year but were not planted due to dry conditions. I also had a couple of non-native plants that had been grown from cuttings (Diosma) These were planted in the front garden and replaced some of the older bushes that have died off:
Acacia victoriae x 4
Acacia incana x 1
Acacia iteaphylla - Flinder’s Range Wattle x3
Acacia saligna x 2
Salt Bush (Atriplex) x3
Saltbush (Rhagodia) x 10 (for a water-wise hedge)
Erimophilla (orange flowered) x 3
Erimophilla (yellow flowered) x 1
Crowea exalata x 1
Melaleuca x 2
Golden Diosma x 2

Into the Dog Pen garden Bed I planted 14 Peruvian Emerald Broad Bean Seedlings.
Into Cell trays and 1 container I potted on Lettuces; Red Velvet x 8, Red Coral x 10 and Gold Rush x 30. These I have placed in the hot house to speed up growth ready for planting out later.

Saturday 26th May Min -2.2°C Max 18.3°C
8 Eggs
Today we trimmed the Cape Ivy off the chook fence and attached a length of wire netting to the top of the fence in the chook run to stop the escapees getting out over the fence. This involved attaching stakes to the existing poles and tying the wire on. The chooks are not amused!!!
See entry First Frost Today

Lowest temp was -2.2C and highest 22.8C with temps cooling since mid May with only one day above 20C. Please click on the photo to see it clearly.

Rainfall for the month was 30.8 mm just under average of 31.5mm which is the first time since 2002 that we have had anywhere near a May average rainfall! Lets hope this trend continues!

Egg toatal for the new girls was 210 eggs while the old girls are having a rest now and probably won't lay again until spring.


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