Saturday, 9 June 2007

The Egg Collective

Since purchasing our flock of crossbreed chooks on the 19th April 2006 they have been real little egg machines. Most monthly egg totals have been over 300.
Peaking at 368 for July 06.
Recently in their second year and with one less chook we have been getting over 200 per month. With the current cold weather they are down to 5-6 per day but it is still plenty of eggs.

I don't cost factor their egg production against feed costs because I would then have to factor in their value in the garden. They make mulch through summer and in the cooler months turn a 'cold' compost area in their run. I also regularly collect the bedding mix of straw, shredded paper and wood shavings from their house and add this to 'hot' compost heaps.

On many occasions they are let out under control to seek out pests in the garden areas. Even the escapees do their bit at keeping pests under control and at one at a time they aren't too destructive in the garden (remind me I said that when they destroy the broccoli seedlings).

Their efforts at keeping their run areas weed free saves me hours of work clearing weeds or watering (when we can't really spare any) crops in these areas. They also clear up excess greens and vegetables from the garden so nothing gets wasted.

So thank you girls for the 4087+ eggs you've laid during your time here...
that's why your known as "The Egg Collective".


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